Want to Join a Choir?

Join a Choir in Edinburgh – Take Note Edinburgh Choir – No Auditions, Singing Training Included


Want to join a choir in Edinburgh? Are you thinking of joining a singing group, vocal group or collective (or even an a capella rhythmic ensemble)? Well, look no further, we would love you to take a look and see what you think! We don’t have an audition process for joining – please contact us if you want to know more – or check our our News and Events pages for upcoming Taster Sessions…

By joining Take Note Edinburgh you will join a choir which has it’s singers at it’s beating heart. We look for singers who are keen to sing, but no formal background is required. As part of rehearsals we are taught by our MD methods of sight reading, sight singing, rhythm and singing techniques. 1:1 rehearsals are available as needed with our musical director above weekly rehearsals.

Take Note Edinburgh Choir and Vocal Group, Bruntsfield. We welcome singers of all levels!

Join a Choir – What do you get in return?

We are a fee-paying choir, with payments taken every 4 weeks. In return you are supplied with sheet copies of music and member-level access to the choir website. We rehearse on a Wednesday evening, between 7-9pm, although our current sessions look a little different post-COVID! Besides rehearsals, we have a members-only portal, and we manage communication via email and Whatsapp.

Each rehearsal is prepared by our Musical Director, and aims to support our members in a supportive environment by:

  • developing our sight reading and rhythm skills
  • developing a wide musical range
  • learning musical phrasing and solfege (doh-rey-me)

The choir is run by a committee, made up by choir members who are all accessible if you need to have a chat with them at any time. We are a small choir, and rely on the passion of our members to drive and shape us as we go forward. We couldn’t be anything without your support, energy, passion and commitment.

What do rehearsals look like?

At the moment, we rehearse every Wednesday 19.00-21.00 with term breaks and optional social events held at the end of the month (sometimes there’s an extra week off as well). We host in-person rehearsals supported by Zoom (for our members self-isolating or unable to attend in person), with our Musical Director leading the rehearsal. We welcome new members through taster sessions, if you would like to join a choir, please do not hesitate to https://takenoteedinburgh.co.uk/about-take-note-edinburgh-choir/want-to-join-a-choir-in-edinburgh!

Our rehearsals are fun, but we work hard. Our MD will put us through our paces – physical positioning, warmups and then running through repertoire. Sometimes a oldie will be thrown in for good measure!

Callum and our special guest for the night, 2022

Pandemic Panic

During the pandemic, we were online only, which taught us a lot. Sessions would run for an hour per 2 sections and we’ve noticed Zoom is quite intensive. It’s a bit like having a singing lesson. After a long day online, it’s hard be enthusiastic about another Zoom call! We sometimes do a session where everyone comes and we sing through a whole piece of repertoire together. If we go into lockdown again, we will revert to this format.

We usually chat for the first 5 minutes or so then the next 10-15 minutes are warm ups. We then work on the music. Prior works include Somewhere In My Heart (Aztec Camera), Tantum Ergo (Anton Bruckner), Sunshine on Leith (The Proclaimers) and Cherubim Hymn (Tchaikovsky) so, as you can see, we aim to have a wide range with music to appeal to all sorts of tastes.

When we couldn't sing in person, we used Zoom to keep our choir, Take Note, alive during lockdown. Pandemic performance in Edinburgh!
COVID-19 Rehearsals for Pandemic Performances

Music Resources

We have several resources available to choir members:

  • rehearsal tracks – online and in the cloud (Google Drive)
  • digital music library
  • hard copy music library
  • 1:1 coaching
  • hard copies of music provided to all singers (in person or post)
  • digital resources – additional guidance for solfege, sight reading, rhythm and rehearsal aides