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Take Note Edinburgh are looking for tenors and basses to join us in our Bruntsfield choir

Take Note Edinburgh are looking for tenors and basses to join us in our Bruntsfield choir

Take Note Needs You, you lovely lower voices! Take Note Edinburgh are looking for tenors and basses to join us in our Bruntsfield choir. We are on the look out for lower voices to join our merry choir in advance of some upcoming shows later 

Singing in Vocal Groups in Edinburgh – The New Normal #3.0

Singing in Vocal Groups in Edinburgh – The New Normal #3.0

The Pandemic has meant that choirs, singing and vocal groups have all had to learn how to rehearse online – together apart. But Take Note, an Edinburgh-based choir are looking to the future.

Singing Together – the Online Way in 2021

Singing Together – the Online Way in 2021

Singing together and rehearsing music the online way in 2021 – well, we never thought this would become a thing. Have you ever wondered what happens with a choir who function online? Well, one thing that doesn’t happen is group singing. I know, you are probably shocked but all of those lovely virtual choir videos from the Pitch Perfect crew, Gareth Malone, Eric Whiteacre, Couch Choir and many other virtual choirs that have released performances in 2020… they don’t actually record… or even rehearse these together. I KNOW! I was shocked too. But we’ll talk about that one more later. 

Here!  Have some science!

Singing via the internet causes an audio lag. By the time your voice reaches that of the other singers, there is a good half a second delay… to which they will sing along to… and you hear the result of that half a second later. The result? Musical chaos! Everywhere. We know, we tried it out. 

It was rather amusing though, worth the 5 minute cacophony though definitely won’t be trying that one again. 

How to Rehearse in a Group Without Being in a Group

In reality, most virtual choirs are faced with individuals at home with the mute button on, rehearsing in a room. Sound proofing/or not depending on how happy your neighbours are with your singing practice! Most likely you are alone with a backing track and a supportive Musical Director. ng together and rehearsing music the online way in 2021, some choirs don’t rehearse together, but use pre recorded tracks provided to work from. One Canadian choir is using FM to transmit voices live as a fun form of innovation!

Luminous Voices, Photograph by Kenton Smith

Normal interactions pre-pandemic have fundamentally changed. At best, you might have a virtual MD watching you silently sing. The most difficult is with no communication at all. 

Take Note Edinburgh hosts https://takenoteedinburgh.co.uk/about-take-note-edinburgh-choir/want-to-join-a-choir-in-edinburgh, with our MD at the helm. But this is an MD that can’t hear what you are doing, doesn’t know whether you are singing in tune. If you are singing the right words, pitching at the right level or with the right level of musicality needed. Our MD does his level best to glean what he can from video calling.

Body Language

A Musical Director can only pick up on some of your body cues (when they are present during your rehearsal). This means mostly from the head and shoulders. If someone is struggling, MDs will often rely on the person to speak up. So much is lost that may be easily spotted in a live rehearsal. It means we have to work harder at our communication with each other. 

It’s not all bad though. Take Note has always had a portfolio of digital tools to support rehearsals at home (or in the car). These allow members to access warm up and rehearsal tracks with an offline suggested rehearsal plan to help keep focus. Live rehearsals are hosted on a weekly basis where we can interact with other members of the choir. We can also speak to our MD directly via a variety of digital channels. 

Zoom Fatigue

Zoom also comes with additional challenges in rehearsing. Many of us are now spending long periods of time in front of screens. Come an evening choir rehearsal, we’ve already hit zoom fatigue. It’s a real thing with music the online way. Tiredness, worry or burnout through the use of virtual platforms of communication. Despite all the mental health benefits group singing offers, we all need a break sometimes. 

Zoom (other video calling platforms are available!)

Take Note Edinburgh recognises this challenge; and we have tried to make our rehearsals as flexible as possible. We encourage regular attendance at rehearsals. It allows us to check in with each other, make sure we are all ok, and gives structure to the week. While we’d love our members to come along each week; we’re not going to force you if you are tired and need to have downtime

Continual Improvement

We have also reduced our rehearsal time. Our normal 2 hourly rehearsal session has been trimmed back to around an hour. Anything longer we have found simply exacerbates zoom fatigue. Singing together – the online way in 2021 has taught us that quality beats quantity. Rehearsals are interspersed with social events and piano bar style singalongs to provide some light relief. There is an online diary so if choir members need a break. They will know what has been missed and can catch up ahead of the next rehearsal as they wish. We also have messaging groups where top tips for relaxation are shared.

Lastly – those virtual tools we mentioned earlier? They will be there tomorrow if you can’t attend the live rehearsal today. We’ll see you next week instead.

Take Note – A Choir in Metamorphosis

Take Note – A Choir in Metamorphosis

Birth of our Choir, in Edinburgh This is the story of the birth of our Choir in Edinburgh. Ever wondered what happens when a new choir is created? Have a read through our Take Note story, a choir born just before a pandemic or otherwise